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Transport Tanks

Plastic Transport TankBlaze Plastics transport tanks are heavy duty with built in grooves so that you can easily tie them down. All of our transport tanks have a large lid at the top so that you can conveniently fill the tank. Some of our tanks are elliptical with legs and others have a flat bottom so please refer to the design drawings in order to select the product which best suits you. The tank is translucent which allows you to monitor the material level inside the tank

Many customers will use the Transport Tank 300 Gallon in the back of their trucks. This particular tank has a 3 foot height which allows for good rear vision from the cab of most trucks. Please use the measurements information below in order to determine whether it will fit in the back of your truck.

All of our plastic tanks are Canadian made and manufactured using the rotational molding process which produces watertight, seamless, one-piece tanks made from polyethylene resin.

Your purchase is available with additional fittings such as flanges, bulkheads, and camlocks. Please visit the fittings page for more information.

Image Gallons Length Width Height Price
Transport Tank #300 300 60" 58" 36"

Transport Tank #525


Extra strong, no steel bands required

85" 48" 53"
Transport Tank #600 600 73" 44" 60"
600TTN 86" 35" 67"
735 OS* 103" 48" 48"

Image Gallons Length Width Height Price
Product Sheet
1005 OS* 129.5" 48" 56.6"
Transport Tank #1035 1035 OS* 90" 78" 52"
Transport Tank #1300 1300 OS* 114" 62" 62"
Transport Tank #3250

3250 OS*

Ladder included.

146" 88" 79"  

* Our "OS" tanks are out-sourced products that we have in stock.

Important note: please confirm measurements when ordering.

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