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Plastic Septic Tanks

Septic Tank

These septic tanks are designed to be rugged and long lasting. We ship our septic tanks anywhere in Edmonton for a low price. Please read our Septic Tanks Article for more information. You will find a lot of value in these plastic tanks:

Excellent Strength The rib design and rib placement are important for structural integrity. These septic tanks are rated for a three foot burial.
Quality Process The tanks are manufactured using the rotational molding process therefore it’s a one-piece, seamless, watertight tank.
Engineered Design These septic tanks come with an installed domed lid. These specially designed lids are ideal for underground installations.
Polyethylene Resin Polyethylene is unaffected by soil chemicals and by the chemicals and gases present in sewage, so the septic tanks will not rust or corrode and require no additional coatings as other tanks do.
Available Accessories We also sell lid-risers so that you can install lid-risers in order to bring tank access to grade.

These plastic tanks are rated for 3 feet burial. If you would like to bury your tank as deep as 10 feet, then please check out our fiberglass sewage tanks section.

Roth MultiTank (RMT)
  Gallons Length Width Height Model Price
Roth MultiTank Brochure [2.8 MB]
Installation Instructions [2.1 MB]

300 50" 45" 54" RMT-300  
500 60" 62" 51" RMT-500
750 103" 62" 51" RMT-750
900 118" 62" 51" RMT-900  
1000 118" 62" 51" RMT-1000E  
1060 133" 62" 51" RMT-1060
1250 148" 62" 51" RMT-1250
1500 177" 62" 51" RMT-1500
OS Septic Tanks
Image Gallons Length Width Height Imperial
Septic Tank 300 300 OS* 54" 56"   250

Septic Tank 750

750 OS* 70" 60" 60" 625
Septic Tank 1000 1000 OS* 101" 60" 60" 833
Septic Tank 1250 1250 OS* 118" 58" 72" 1040
Riser OS* This piece is designed for you to be able to access your septic tank even after it is buried.  

We also have a wide selection of fiberglass sewage tanks!


Important note: please confirm measurements when ordering.

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