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BarrelBlaze Plastics barrels are designed for above ground use and can be used for either outdoor or indoor applications. The tank is translucent which allows you to monitor the material level inside the tank. Every barrel has an open top which allows for convenient loading and mixing. All of our plastic tanks are rotationally molded which produces watertight, seamless, one-piece tanks made from polyethylene resin.

Many of our customers from Edmonton use these barrels for collecting rain. They can be used as water storage tanks or bulk tanks and they can accommodate many other purposes as well. Important note: please confirm measurements when ordering.

Image Gallons Diameter Height Price
Product Sheets
40 27" 31" JPG PDF
Barrel #70 70 31" 52" JPG PDF
Barrel #300 300 55" 58" JPG PDF

Important note: please confirm measurements when ordering.

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